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"Get Profitable Vending Locations and AVOID Locating Company Disasters!"

Before you send a dime to a vending locating company,
or buy a "vending package"
(with locations included),
PLEASE take a few minutes to read this first!

There are far too many horror stories of unsuspecting new vending operators who are stuck with garage full of machines, and a "problem" with a locating company!

Just a few "insider secrets" could have helped these people avoid these terrible situations!

Locating and locating companies should MAKE you money, not cost you money!


The following information might save you valuable time, energy and your hard-earned money!

Would you like to know what most vending locating companies are
    desperately trying to hide from you?

Would you like to know “One Glaring Omission” that ALL the
     “do-it-yourself-locating ” authors WON'T disclose?

Would you like to have vending locations contact YOU and ask
     for machines?

Would you like to learn how simple it is to bulletproof your locating
    contract so you CAN'T BE RIPPED OFF by unethical locating

Would you like to create a vending business WITHOUT filling machines, fixing machines, moving machines or even buying machines?

Be Warned: Some of this information is going
to make some people VERY angry!

from Rob Farnham

A few years back I wrote a book on what NOT to do in the vending business.

This was a result of our vending experiences (mistakes!) over about a 15 year period. When we started, we greatly overpaid for 5 vending machines after attending a business opportunity exhibition. Our pie-in-the-sky dreams quickly smashed down to earth after we counted our first week’s receipts. Our gross sales were $43, and we had a $15K bank loan! The locations that were initially given to us by our bizop company weren’t producing for us. We called and asked for some more. When they told us the price per location, we almost fell over!

Of course, as we had already found out, there were absolutely NO guarantees with these locations.

Fast forward quite a few years. We turned lemons into lemonade and built a very profitable vending business, which we ran for over 12 years. We built a full time, full-line business that included small soda and snack machines, bulk dispensers, office coffee machines, hot dog carts and large cafeteria setups with multiple machines like drinks, water, milk, food, snack as well as bill changers, etc.,

If it looks like a vending machine, we’ve probably found a location for it.

We then sold our business off in pieces and enjoyed some of our hard-earned equity!

We saw others falling victim to the same slick sales approach that caused us to drastically overpay for our initial machines. SoI wrote Small Change and published on the internet on a site called MyVendingUncle.com (that's why some of our readers call me "Uncle Rob").

That book was written to help unsuspecting victims stay away from the Bizop scams and avoid overpaying for machines. (That is the FIRST mistake we made!)

Since publishing that ebook we have received hundreds of emails from readers who thanked us for saving them from making the same bad financial decisions we did. They learned from our mistakes and used a few MUCH smarter (but little known) ways to buy machines for less, or no money at all. The testimonials we received were great (you can just a few of them by clicking here)

Sadly, Patti and I have also noticed an emerging, trend that has devastated many of our readers. More and more first time vending operators are falling prey to some unethical vending locating companies. These emails kept coming asking for our help, advice or direction. We received some truly horrific stories about locating companies, unethical behavior and outright scams! It was obvious that there was a need for some helpful information on how to find vending locations, and how to deal with locating companies.

Here is an example of the type of emails we've received lately...

Locating Horror Story

Uncle Rob
Help! We are in the throws of trying to locate some machines we purchased last January. The company that sold them to us said they could and would do the locating, but then started having staffing difficulties with their locators. We waited for them for weeks but then decided to give it a try ourselves - with no luck. We went back to the company but they were now too busy so they recommended a locating company. Having sent a deposit to that company in July, we are still waiting. This evening we received a call from a locator who had contacted us two weeks ago. He now says that he thinks the locating company that he was contracted by to do our locating may be a fraud (and possibly in cahoots with the company we purchased the machines from)
Any ideas?
Tim   (all emails on file)

(Read More Locating Horror Stories Here)

We started searching for an honest, factual, helpful resource we could tell our readers about. There are simple clauses you can add to any vending locating company contract to protect your interests (and your money). And there are simple steps to learning how to secure your own locations. Certainly, someone must have published this type of helpful information on how to deal with vending companies and DIY locating?

Here’s what we found

#1: The first product we purchased was a one-page report written by a woman who detailed the three times she was left stranded, defrauded and mislead by a locating company. She finally forced herself to locate a few of the machines in her garage by herself, and then she sold her business soon after. Now she’s writing a book on how to locate???

#2: The next was was the experiences of a man who had reportedly built a vending business from scratch. The book was very short (20+ pages), and directed readers to purchase vending equipment from his eBay store (most of it was overpriced!). The last chapter of his book (the longest chapter) was about building a traditional or Roth IRA to help with your retirement. (We had to wonder, "What does that have to do with FINDING VENDING LOCATIONS?")

#3: Another well known vending author published his locating book. His book was an enjoyable read. He is a talented writer. But we were bothered by some of the ideas it offered. Some things were illegal, unethical or simply wrong. Ideas like hosting a party at your home and asking each guest to bring someone who might be able to help you get a new location seemed more like fantasy than reality to us. We wouldn't insult people by trying this idea. And, you simply don't need to resort to "tricks".

After reading over a dozen “how-to-locate-vending-machines” books, we discovered a stunning fact about every single one of them. Besides the fact that we didn’t find a lot of helpful information, there was a HUGE piece of critical information that ALL these authors and publishers seemed to be "conveniently" hiding!

We’ve written a short report about their non-disclosure that you can receive today, absolutely FREE! This information might surprise you!

ALL The Other
“Vending Locating Guru’s”
WON’T Tell You!

To receive this FREE REPORT just fill out your name and primary email address. We will send you this revealing information immediately!

First Name:

Your email information will NEVER be sold, rented or traded. Period!


Readers Comments

Hi Rob
After reading your ebook I realized what an idiot I have been. Not knowing the information about dealing with locating companies has probably cost me $4,500. I now know what to say to locating companies to protect myself. Just wish I'd read this 14 months ago.
Thanks for your help
David K.
   (all emails on file)

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Do you know how to select an honest locating company from a dishonest one?

Would you like to easily find your own locations?

Would you like to turn NO’s into more YES’s than you need?

Do you know the latest, “stealth” way to get great locations?

Would you like to build a vending business for A LOT less money than the brochure/bizop seminars say you need?

Would You Like To Know What The Successful
Vending Business Operators Have Discovered?

And, would you like to know why most of these owners smile knowingly, when they hear the common locating company horror stories?

Don't Send A Downpayment For Locating Services
Until You Understand This Information!

After receiving email after email, asking for our help, justice, legal advice, or anything we could do to get some compensation for well meaning victims of unscrupulous vending locating companies, we knew we HAD to write this ebook!

There are a few FACTS you simply MUST know before you contact a locating company.There are some simple, refreshingly direct steps you can take to completely eliminate the need to risk your money on questionable locators.

When we got started, there wasn’t ANY information like this published to protect us against paying too much for machines, or paying for awful locations or locating services..

We learned the most efficient, profitable way
to get locations the HARD WAY!

We had to make mistakes, (and we made many, MANY of them), we had to fall on our face, get discouraged, get back up, lose money and slowly figure out a way to obtain great locations on a reagular basis, and build a REAL vending business.

We have made A TON of mistakes, so you don’t have to!
(Of course, feel free to go make some new original ones!)

We’ve learned the hard way, and in the end, we profited from trial and error and developing our own systems.

There's Great Locating News Today!

If we had been able to utilze some of the technology and tools that are readily available to YOU today, we could have built a profitable business even faster, and easier. That means you should do BETTER than we did, and get there faster!

We have compiled all the horror stories, the trials and errors, the lessons learned, the scripts, the warnings, the triumphs and the successes into a new ebook. You can eliminate the largest part of your learning curve and understand more than most of your competitors will EVER know, in just a few hours of reading.

Of course, what you do with that knowledge once you obtain is up to you. We aren’t going to give you some “get-rich-quick” scheme information. We both know that those type of info products aren’t worth a dime!

You will gain more insight and locating industry knowledge in about 100 pages than the majority of people trying to deal with locating companies, or vendors trying to find locations today. You will be way ahead of the pack. You can eliminate the painful learning curve!

However, if you don’t take some action, if you are waiting for the UPS truck to pull up in your driveway with a ton of money, you won’t like our information. It’s not a pipe dream or an easy way out. This is real, doable information about finding terrific locations and protecting your dealings with locating companies!

Readers Comments

I wish I had this in my hands 2 years ago. There are several ideas that I will be putting use. Then I think the business will start to grow. I know that it will take work and I am not afraid of that. When we got into the business we had to do what you did and then after that no help. The stuff they gave us to use to contact new customers did not seem to work. Our biggest problem seemed to be the initial contact. I also have always believed to doing the right thing. That hit home big time for me. I think this book is awesome and any one thinking about getting into the vending business should have this book along with your first book.
Jim Weyen
   (all emails on file)

(Read More Comments Here)

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Question everything! Don't ever take just one source's word for anything. That would be foolish.

After writing the first draft of this ebook we decided to get a few "expert" opinions on this subject. We sent the first rough draft to over 100 people involved in, or around the vending business on a daily basis. And we asked for their butually honest comments.

The response was overwhelming. Some offered suggestions, corrections and comments, others offered ideas we hadn't considered, and everyone agreed there was a need for this specific information. Many of the comments were extremely flattering!

Some of these experts had opinions that varied from ours in a few areas. Instead of ignoring these differences, we've included them for you. As you will see in the bonus section below, we've included a manuscript of the various experts and their different perspectives on a few areas of this ebook. Instead of getting just our opinion based on our extensive locating experiences, you will be getting the insight of a wide variety of industry veterans.

Readers Comments

Hi Rob and Patti
I just read your new ebook. I found it to be quite informative. I absolutely LOVED the "magic phrase". Great build-up to it and the payoff didn't disappoint. It was one of those "DOH" moments where you slap yourself on the forehead and say "why didn't I think of that". You have provided me with a glimmer of hope and some real weaponry.
Thanks again,
John R. Bryant
   (all emails on file)

(Read More Comments Here)

We wrote down this information for those people who are serious about working to build a profitable business in the vending industry. We’ve pulled back the veil and detailed the good, the bad and the ugly about finding vending locations. It isn’t always pretty, but it is very truthful. And, in the right hands, this information will help some individuals create extremely profitable businesses.

Here’s what you’ll find inside your copy

You’ll learn what the real motive is behind most locating companies

You’ll learn how to spot the “dirty tricks” some locators try to pull

What 2 things have to be in a locating contract to make it work for you

Why finding a locating company could be a HUGE mistake

The 8 words that can make finding vending locations SO much easier

Why being afraid, or hating locating can be a HUGE advantage for you

Why most vending operators can’t or don’t locate very well

Why being a good salesperson is a disadvantage when locating!

How to use locating to quickly become more profitable than your competition

How to eliminate the competition in your area

Learn how to “sell shovels” while everyone else is still “digging for gold”

How people have built LARGE vending businesses without servicing machines

Learn how a few people have never purchased a machine, and still have built profitable, cash cow businesses

Discover the “parade” concept of locating, and sleep much better at night

Learn ALL the dirty tricks that your competitors might try, and how to counteract them without slopping in the hog pen!

Learn from real life examples of people who simply didn’t have enough information, lost a lot of money, and what tragic consequences they suffered at the hands of some dishonest         companies

Here’s what you won’t get

You won’t find pages and pages of alphabetically listed “possible locations” taken from headings of the phone book just to stuff the size of our publication (Unlike many of the        research products we bought)

You won’t get an inspirational, motivational, fire and brimstone sermon on why the vending business is the greatest business in the world. We did very well in this specific industry. We        won’t try and talk to you into it, or out of it. We just going to give you the inside scoop on        locating.

We aren’t going to recommend any particular company, locator or provider. We are giving you our opinions. We’re not promoting other vending services.

We aren’t going to give you a politically correct document. We have definite opinions based on our real life experiences doing what we describe in the ebook for over 10 years. You can agree        or disagree, but we are giving you the facts as we’ve proven them from the battlefront. Totally        uncensored

You won’t get a triple-spaced, rambling, pages and pages of pretty pictures ebook that tries to impress you with it’s size.

Armed with this information in these 100 pages, that simply isn’t published anywhere else, you will be able to obtain vending locations wherever, and whenever you wish.

Learn The Smartest Way To Win
The Vending Location Game!

By the time you finishing reading this document, your head will be spinning with many possibilities and opportunities we GUARANTEE you haven’t even considered before this!

With the specific knowledge you will gain from our ebook, you will be able to design your own Profitable and Successful Vending Businessand have the confidence to achieve it.

You will learn MANY ways to profit from locations,
even if you have Little or No Money!

Readers Comments

Hi Rob and Patti
Wow! This is a fantastic book! What a wealth of information! I especially liked the very comprehensive section on using the Internet to expand my vending business. You provided several very specific and unique ways to use the Internet to make my vending business grow. I would definitely recommend this ebook to anyone (new or existing vendors) as a must read to help them grow their business. It also was loaded with practical advice on how to avoid pitfalls in locating accounts in the vending business.
I also found several great ideas which would apply to any business. My wife has a learning center and I found several ideas on how to grow her business. Many of these ideas were also in the Internet section of the ebook.
Thanks again.
It is VERY MUCH appreciated and helpful.
John Morris
   (all emails on file)

(Read More Comments Here)

There are many books at your local library that can help you "start a business". How to write a business plan, file taxes, etc., This ebook contains the specific information you need to know regarding the MOST IMPORTANT part of your VENDING business. The LOCATION!

Without great locations, how do you make money?

You WILL NOT find this information in a library, or in a 99-cent auction on eBay!

We are sick and tired of hearing about people losing their dreams, and money by falling victim to some of the scams and tricks regarding vending locations and locators.

This information will STOP you from EVER
becoming a vending locating victim!

As soon as you finish downloading your information, pour yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable and read your ebook.No guarantees that you'll make millions and millions of dollars after you read it.
That, like everything else in life, will be totally up to you!

We are charging $45 $29.95 for this ebook, (see limited time discount details below).

As soon as you've purchased your copy, you will be able to download in just minutes. In just a few short hours, you will have gained more insider knowledge about obtaining vending locations , and the opportunities and pitfalls within this industry, than 99% of current vending operators.

After reading this information you’ll realize that your competitors, and many locating companies, SIMPLY DON’T HAVE A CLUE!

That gives you an AMAZING advantage!

Why are you charging $45$29.95?

During our research for this ebook, we compiled price lists from manylocating companies over a large geographic area. The cheapest price we could find for ANY locating service was$45.00. There were many companies charging $45 for locating one single-head bulk vending dispenser (one head on a stand).

That’s right! $45 for ONE single-head dispenser location!

Once you’ve read this book, you’ll quickly realize that ANYONE could locate that particular machine in a VERY short time. All you need is this information, and a little action. That makes the value of this information worth AT LEAST $45.

To put it bluntly, anyone who is willing to pay $45 to have one bulk dispense located, should be VERY willing to pay the same price to learn how locate hundreds of machines themselves, or the knowledge to GUARANTEE that won’t be taken by the locator they chose.

We aren’t going to sugar coat this. ANYTHING that is WORTH HAVING will come at some price! Including this particular knowledge and information!

There are two distinct ways you can pay for any knowledge you acquire. You can invest considerable time and effort to learn from the “school of hard knocks”, or you can find someone who has “been there, done that”. Someone who’s taken that journey, made the mistakes, found some solutions, and they’re willing to tell you about it!

Okay, What About Some Bonuses?

We won’t insult your by offering 20 worthless ebooks to try and "convince" you to purchase this ebook. The information contained within the pages of “Locating Vending Locations: The Whole Story!” is of much greater value to vending operators that what we are charging.

That being said, we do have some valuable “extras” we will be sending your way

Bonus #1

An interview with a gentleman who took an “outside the box” approach to locating vending machines, and has turned that idea into a very successful business. He has never BOUGHT a machine, he’s never FILLED a machine and he has locations calling HIM!

He is home for dinner every night, and doesn’t scam or rip anyone off.(He doesn't need too!) This interview reveals the one little phrase he added to the end of every conversation he had about vending. The one phrase is responsible for skyrocketing his income. You’ll receive the complete; spill the beans, transcribed interview as a bonus for purchasing “Locating Vending Locations”
(This will have your head spinning with ideas!)

Bonus #2

As we mentioned above, we sent a rough draft of this ebook to over 100 vending business people. Many responded with comments and suggestions. A few had different opinions, outlooks or experiences. We have compiled all these comments and "second opinions" into a single bonus manuscript. You can gain the wisdom of these veteran vending operators. Some of the businesses these individuals have built are truly impressive. This is like eves dropping on a dinner party of successful vending business owners. Once you've read the first ebook, this manuscript will be like joing a book club discussion. It's always smart to get a second expert opinion. (value priceless!)

Bonus #3,#4,#5

These are a few "secret" bonuses we will be sending to our valued customers. Once you’ve read this information, you will receive a few specific “extras” to help you with some of the “stealth” tips and systems we mention. You'll have to read the ebook to appreciate these extra. Sorry, we can’t describe them here without telling you about some of the stealth techniques and modern technology revolations we reveal within your copy of the ebook.
(Okay, we could tell you now, but then the guys in the dark suits would have to come and take you away in the middle of the night!)


Readers Comments

I really enjoyed reading "Locating Vending Locations- The Whole Uncensored Story". I knew it was going to beat the other ebooks on locating vending machines I had bought because of the quality of "Small Change". I wasn't disappointed. Not only did you offer a big tip that will help me choose the best locaters in the future, you've taught me a few locating tricks that I think I can feel comfortable using to expand my business in my free time without shelling out a fortune! I want to become one of the lazy locaters you mention, and using your tips I should be able to realize that dream.
Missing Arrow Vending
   (all emails on file)

(Read More Comments Here)

We have many, many emails from our previous readers who would have GLADLY paid hundreds of dollars to avoid the embarrassing, painful financial mistakes they experienced, due to a lack of this specific information.

After seeing just how many people get blind-sided by NOT knowing this information, we WOULD NOT let any family member, neighbor, friend or relative even think of getting started in vending without them reading this first!

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’ll take all the risk! If you purchase this information and are not totally satisfied we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price. If, after downloading and evaluating your ebook, you honestly feel you didn't receive exceptional value for your hard-earned dollar, simply send us an email within the next 30 days, and we will GLADLY refund 100% off your purchase. No silly questionnaires or weasel clauses. We'll take 100% of the risk!

You're Not Delighted, You Get Your Money Back!!
That's More Than A Guarantee,
That's Our Promise!!

You can have this information in your hands in seconds.
(yes, even if it's 2:15 am.)

To receive your copy of:

“Locating Vending Locations”
The Whole Uncensored Story
For just $45 $29.95 (limited time offer)

Limited Time Introductory Special Discount Offer

For a VERY limited time we are offering this ebook with a 33% discount. This pricing is only for the first 500 copies sold. We will be notifying our previous readers so they can take advantage of this offer. Once 500 copies have been snapped up, the price goes back up. Even at $45 this product contains FAR more value than that price. The price of this ebook will be going up. We urge you to "Buy Now" and beat the price increase!

We wish you the very best in everything you do!

Rob (& Aunt Patti) Farnham
(vending industry owner/operator veterans and authors)

ps. If you are seriously considering investing your hard earned money into vending, PLEASE take the chance that another$45 $29.95 will save you an enormous amount of energy, anxiety and possible frustration and anger! (and it's tax deductible as a business expense!)

pps. In any business (including the vending business) there will always be surprises. It's a great idea to find out what the REALLY BIG SURPRISES could be BEFORE you invest a large portion of your hard-earned money! This one ebook could be the spark to help you build your personal, profitable vending business..

ppps. "With the direction of today's economy, the opportunity to control your future by starting your own business might be the only TRUE job security available!"

pppps. The 33% discount will be available for a limited time only. Once we have sold 500 copies, the price will return to $45. This is an introductory offer only (really!)

Order Your Copy Today For Just $45 $29.95

Readers Comments

Good job!!
Your ebook has gotten me excited to start again to locate our machines. But this time instead of wasting money with a "supposedly expert" locater. I feel you have given me the tools to try it myself. I admit it isn't getting a "No", I expect that, it's just getting started, that first conversation and getting past the awkwardness of it. I truly believe your e-book will do a world of good for those that are really serious about vending. Your advice and information was excellent. And for those looking to either build or expand their existing vending business and locate their own machines or to start a locating business with your insights and "Paul's" story at the end will really help to get them started.
Your book has helped me!
   (all emails on file)

(Read More Comments Here)


Readers Comments

Hi Rob
I am writing to thank you for your new locating book. Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing how to do it is another. This book forms the basis for both. While you could easily use its contents as a “how to” book for a vending business, the bigger advantage is the detailed overview and inner workings of the industry that gives the reader an opportunity to develop their own vending system that will position them with above average locations.
Great work
Rick Kennedy
   (all emails on file)

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